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Kitahiyama – West and South

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Kitahiyama Ward, in Setana-Cho, Hokkaido, Japan.

Here are some scenes from the south and west parts of Kitahiyama, starting with the Sea of Japan coast.

Looking toward Futoro Beach from the top of a cliff at the south edge of the village.

View from a seaside cliff, looking toward the village of Futoro.

Futoro shrine

Small shrine at the Futoro fishing port.

Futoro shrine

Another view of the shrine at the Futoro fishing port.

Futoro road

The main road connecting central Kitahiyama with Futoro. Approaching Futoro from the north.

Futoro beach

The beach at Futoro

Futoro coast

Rocky section of the beach at Futoro

Futoro sunset

Futoro Sunset

Downtown Futoro

Downtown Futoro. The village only has one street.


Not sure what to call this – a half-tunnel, maybe? Near the end of the road along the coast south of Futoro.

Tsunami monument

North of Futoro, near the mouth of the Toshibetsu River. Monument to victims of a tsunami which hit the area in 1993.

Wind turbines

Wind turbines along the coast. I think there were only three or four of them when I first arrived, but the number keeps growing.

More wind turbines

Lots of wide open spaces near the tsunami monument, and good views of the wind turbines in Setana.


Flowers, with wind turbines in the distance.


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